About Pioneer

old_01Pioneer Brush Co Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of handcrafted professional grade paintbrushes. With our origins tracing back to the 1930s as merchants of all components and raw materials and as dressers of natural bristles and fine hairs for use in brush and broom manufacture, we have a history and an expertise in all aspects of brush manufacture that is second to none. Pioneer has built on that knowledge and expertise and with research and development at the forefront, produces some of the very finest paintbrushes currently available in the market that perform superbly with modern as well as traditional paints.



We believe that a Craftsman demands and deserves the best. And for the professional decorator, the right paintbrush is of utmost importance. All of our products are therefore produced to the highest standards with only in-house filling blends that have been developed to ensure excellent paint pick up and a smooth release being used.We do not cut corners. Our brush heads are made using only high grade stainless steel ferrules and with fitted aluminium inserts to “double lock” the head to the handle. Every filling knot is individually weighed before being inserted into the brush heads. All our handles are made from beech or birch hardwoods that we kiln dry in-house to ensure stability. Finished brushes are steamed to shape in a process that give “memory” to the head and ensures that a tapered profile is maintained for the lifetime of the brush.


old_02We have developed two major new breakthroughs in filling blends in recent years and these are now used as standard in our products. Our Technofil® formulation is a 100% modern synthetic blend that uses a unique mix that absorbs paint far better than most synthetic filaments on the market and , due to the flagging process during production, lays off for an excellent smooth finish. Our RRT® mix is a blend made with natural bristles that have been double-processed at our factory ( redressed and reboiled) to ensure absolute straightness, even if used with water-based paints, and has the traditional “snap” that bristles once had but has now almost disappeared from the general marketplace.”